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Tailor made industrial connectors

What is generally available on the market, quite often doesn’t exactly meet your application's requirements. When you start looking for customized connector solutions, you are scared off by the high MOQ’s. With our connector brand Shield, it doesn’t work like that. Despite its already wide range of connectors for industrial automation, Shield also offers the customer a great deal of freedom and flexibility in designing their own tailor made connector solution, even for small lots.

Also a wide range of standard connectors

But don’t forget to check out first Shield’s current, extensive range of M8/M12 connectors, middle power connectors, electro valve connectors, spiderboxes, magnetic switches, special cables and so much more. You just might find exactly what you are looking for.

Spiderbox in the spotlights

A spiderbox is the most suitable solution to effectively reduce the quantity of wires directed to the mainboard. Shield’s spiderboxes can link up to 20 cable connections and are also available with custom built-in circuits. Shield allows a great deal of freedom to build customized spider boxes. These can vary from very simple connections to complex bonded junctions that can be wired, overmolded and assembled with shielded or unshielded cables.  Spiderboxes from Shield are commonly used in hydraulic applications within heavy duty environments and are easy to use in the field because their plug-and-play solution.

Shield videos
The extremely robust distribution boxes from Shield: indestructable!

Find out here what happens when a forlift  of 2450 kg and 3700kg respectively drives over a Shield distributionbox. 

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