At A&C Solutions you'll find a wide range of print connectors (PCB), waterproof connectors, industrial plugs and heavy duty connectors. Within this range we offer both circular and rectangular cable connectors for every possible application.

PCB connectors
The king of PCB connectors is the Japanese brand JST. In the field of crimp, IDC and LED connectors, JST offers a wide variety when it comes to pitch sizes, power and wire thickness. Zierick complements this scope with smart tab receptacles and surface mount IDC connectors.

Circular connectors
The offer of circular connectors and cable connectors is mainly adapted to heay duty and/or waterproof applications and environments.  A&C Solutions offers (high) power, hybrid and push-pull connectors from A-brands such as Hummel, Binder and Yamaichi in sizes going from M8, M12, M16, M23, M27 to M40.

Depending on the requirements of your application, you determine the right design (straight, angled, panel mount), the degree of water tightness (IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K) and the type of connection (plug & play, screw, bayonet). Don’t forget to look at the waterproof connectors from specialist Techno. Especially the Techno TH387, TH391 and TH381 series. They are amongst our bestsellers!

Rectangular connectors
Ilme is by far the most complete supplier of industrial rectangular connectors. For both standard and extreme, heavy duty connectors, Ilme offers you a wide choice of insert and housing (IP68, IP69K, plastic, aluminium housing). This range is further complemented by the magnetic valve connectors from Shield and the D-sub connectors from Provertha.

We hope that within this offer, you’ll find the right connector for your application. Are you having doubts or did you not find what you are looking for? Please contact us. We are happy to further assist you in your search.