Developing a modular system to illuminate a passage way

Developing a modular system to illuminate a passage way

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A&C Solutions received a request to build a flexible modular system to reduce field installation time.  The system’s requirements were to have a tailor made chain of connections with a flexible number of branches and different cable lengths.


A&C Solutions decided to go for the Techno in-line cable joiner with an adjusted sealing to allow a multi cable entry at one side. The compact M12 connector from Shield was chosen to connect each LED with the loom. By using this plug and play system, our customer was able to illuminate a long passage way and meanwhile managed to reduce field installation time to a minimum since these looms were already pre-assembled at our partners’ production location.

This project clearly illustrates the multi-usability of A&C Solutions’ outdoor lighting assortment and the complementary character of brands. 


Techno TH391 connector and Shield M12 connectors