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High mast lighting controlled from the ground

11 September 2020


Even high mast lighting, the type you expect to see in arenas, at sports grounds, airports and car parks, is being switched over to LED lighting. Delta Electronics, the global market leader in electrical power supplies, is helping to promote this transition with a special LED driver that guarantees reliable and efficient lighting without having to deal with significant heights.

Take a look around sports grounds, airports, and large car parks and you will notice that they are typically lit from the top of high masts. The significant height offers advantages, but there are, of course, the requisite conditions to deal with. As space for lighting and the associated accessories is limited, everything needs to be made as compact as possible without losing technical capacities. "Our new EUCO Arena Sport series provides lighting manufacturers with a durable, maintenance-friendly solution for providing reliable drivers for numerous projects under the most demanding of conditions," says Tim Lee, Vice President of the EMEA region of Delta Electronics. "The major advantage is that the driver doesn't necessarily have to be installed at the top of the mast!"


"During development of the drivers, we focused on use in relation to sports grounds," explains Delta. "That doesn't mean, of course, that they're not perfectly suited to lighting any large surface. The drivers in this series do away with the need to be installed close to the luminaires, so they no longer need to be inside at the top of the mast. Drivers in the EUCO Arena Sport series can be installed up to 200 metres from the luminaires. This certainly allows enough distance for them to be installed centrally in a technical room, for example, which makes maintaining them so much easier. Instead of needing to hire a cherry-picker, plus any personnel, anyone can carry out maintenance now. An outstanding saving in every respect!" The separate installation of lighting and drivers means that cables and connectors are need in order to connect them. "And we have those available at A&C Solutions," adds Jan Van Dijck, Sales Manager at A&C Solutions. The company is the distributor for the entire range of Delta Electronics power supplies in the Benelux. In addition to the LED driver itself, A&C also supplies appropriate, waterproof connectors from A-brand Techno and custom cable sets to bridge the gap between the mast and the driver.


When developing the EUCO Arena Sport series, Delta focused its attention on sports applications, as the name of the series already gives away. "In this field, there are a number of additional parameters to take into account in terms of technical characteristics, certainly if (sports) events are being broadcast on television," emphasises the manufacturer. "For example, the lighting levels can be adjusted by 0.1% to 100% and the drivers ensure a very low typical peak-to-peak current ripple. This is less than 1%, which gives these drivers the edge when television broadcasting comes into play, since current ripples cause flickering and interfere with the broadcasts. The drivers are also equipped with robust cooling units, which ensure a larger contact surface area with the ground and therefore more efficient passive cooling. The winning features of the new driver series have already been the deciding factor in their use in a number of projects in various cities and municipalities across Europe. For example, the lighting manufacturer Buck Lighting has used the drivers in lighting for a municipal sports ground in Austria.

The EUCO Arena Sport LED drivers are available directly via A&C Solutions in two versions (one for DALI 2-control interfaces and one for RDM/DMX). The maximum output power is always 1500 W (three channels of 500 W) while the maximum output current is 1400 mA as standard.

For further information about the EUCO Arena Sport series, contact our LED driver specialists via chat or email or

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